Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I called home the other day and after getting passed around a bit ended up talking to Lilly.  The girl is short on words but kept saying Princess.  I came home to this.

She also had this baby she called "HEEPY" that needed LOTS of kisses.

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Making Lunch

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Lilly loves to bounce on my legs.  AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

The kids made this little house outside.  Jonas came in at one point then had to run back outside to turn off the rock T.V. 
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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bye Bye Aunt Kelly

We dropped Aunt Kelly off at the airport this afternoon.  We had a great visit. 
She got the kids this insane pop up Alice in Wonderland book that they love.

Thanks for spending time with us.
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Baby 4

Sarah is pregnet with baby number four.  Due in April of 2013.

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Halloween Night

Getting ready

Lilly throwing a fit when we tried to put the pumpkin on her.

Cold and rain, we had a lot less people come to our house this year because of the weather.

Grandma Judy came over to help with Lilly.

The haul.

Lilly has been infatuated with my teeth, she grabs my chin, opens my mouth and just points to them saying "WHOOH"

She actually loves these things.
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Halloween suger cookies

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Aunt Kelly

Aunt Kelly came in for a the week of Halloween.  She helped Sarah make the kids costumes.

Lilly refused to put any of the costumes we had on for the party at school or Halloween. 
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