Sunday, July 15, 2012


Lillian decided that now was as good a time as ever to start jumping off the end of the dock.

The 10.0 Cannonball!

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More Birthday Fun

It was a one ribbon sort of day.

Nila even made a small map for the little kids. 

Graham's parents got him this drum set.  It was a big hit... Ba Bu Bump - TISH
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Happy 4th Birthday Graham

The hooligans in the minivan, I have never vacuumed anything more than that van.  It is a rolling crumb depository.


For cousin Graham's birthday Nila made treasure maps for the kids.  She drew them up and tied them in scrolls the day before we went down for the party.  She hid suckers at the end.
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We watched fireworks from our neigbors front yard.  We got a tube of 100 glow sticks from Amazon again and the kids loved them almost as much as the fireworks.  Everyone handled the late night without any major breakdowns. 
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Walking down to the fireworks party.

Lilly wanted to ride in the wagon,  this is how we travel in the summer around here, a bag full of popcorn, a cooler full of juice boxs and beer, and a blanket to lay on.
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Swiming with Friends

Went over to some family friends after the parade for some swimming food and so-mores.  Good Stuff

Jonas "You have a little bit on your arm there buddy."  Oh that is not helping...

Lets wash that off.....  And he sticks his entire head in the bucket.
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HOT 4th of July Parade

Lilly letting me know that there was a bunch of stuff coming our way.


Lilly had a sucker and two hands full of candy.  At one point a women pelted her point blank with a fist full of tootsie rolls.  After she got over the shock she was was ok with it.

The red cheeked melting 4 year old.

What the heck are those things?
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Summer Outfits

The gang...

Nila pitching some fast balls to Jonas.  He actually hit one over the fence.
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