Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clean UP

The best way to clean up after a day in the water then the mud.  HOSE!

Grandpas Birthday

The only thing that can make a day at the lake better is Grandpa's birthday + Cake
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Fathers day at the Huzzy House

We all went down to see to see the cousins for Lunch and swimming on Fathers Day.  
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Day at the beach

Lilly loves the beach.  She spent her time between the sand and wanting to be carried into the water.

The kids all ran down the dune over and over again.  We kept thinking they would sleep on the way home, oh no..  

Jonas is getting better at going under (He finaly has learned to keep his mouth closed!) but when he swims it mostly looks like he is trying to drown himself with a smile on his face.  
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Little Sleeper

When it was cooler out Jonas would sleep with his fan aimed at his face (point blank), his covers drawn up to his chin and his blanket over his head.  Now that the house is warmer at night he has adopted some new sleeping techniques.

Last day in Kindergarten

We kept saying that Nila was going to be in 1st grade next year and she kept telling us... "No I am going to be in 1st grade THIS year".  Oh how fast they grow up.
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Aunt Lis

Aunti Lis was in town a couple of weeks ago for a accounting test (I think they are her hobby).  Everyone stopped over for a little tea party in the garden.
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Jonas finished his morning work and then shut his door.  He told me that "His fire puppy needed to take some quiet time."

We got invited to a party at a friends house.  CUPCAKES!

Jonas and Lilly played with this little tikes truck for almost a hour.
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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Nila made this baby bed for Lilly.

Nila helping Lilly put her new baby to bed.
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