Saturday, May 05, 2012

Jonas Story

So this story is a bit old but... A couple of months ago Sarah called me and said that she was off to the doctor because Lilly stuck some stuff up her nose and she can not get it out. I guess that Jonas was up in his room (in quiet time) with Lilly and came downstairs. Sarah told him he needed to head right back up but he said... "OK but just so you know, Lilly put sparkly stickers up bother her noses." So Sarah darts into action, sees them WAY up there (they are a hard plastic jewel thing with a sticker back), takes her to the doctor, they can not see them anymore and said they fell out, passed, or are stuck in her sinuses and send her off to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor. She ended up waiting in a small room for 45 min before anyone showed up. Lilly got checked out with a scope and they found nothing. They told her to watch and make sure she was not draining from one side and not the other (blocked sines.) they also found out that Lilly had a ear infection and then sent everyone home. Later that day Nila came home from school and said her ear was hurting so fresh off the last experience Sarah loaded everyone up and headed back to the doctor. Well just a couple of weeks ago, months after all of this has happened Jonas had a cold and was in bed with one runny nostril and.... Sarah: You just have one runny nostril. Jonas: (With a super serious look on his face.) I didn't teach Lilly how to stick those stickers up her noses. Ah, life with kids.

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