Monday, April 30, 2012

Visit to Great Grandma

Sarah found a great B&B in Grand Haven with a half off special and my Mom watched the three kids for a night away.  This was the first time in almost two years Sarah has been away from all three kids for the night.  Grandma Linda had a blast with the kids and Sarah and I slept in until 9AM!!!

Sunday we all went over to take my Grandma out to lunch. 
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I took a day off when my Mom was in town and we went to see the butterflies at Fredric Meijer Gardens. 
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My Birthday

My watch had a cake on it all day long.

They actually put all the candles on this year.  WOW.

Nila had made invitations for everyone in the family for a party at our house on our birthday.  She did not want me to know they were from her.  Every day for weeks she would ask if I got a invitation, and if I knew who it was from, etc.  Very very cute.
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School Work

Physical Description: He is gray.  His eyes are yellow.
Behavior: He likes meat.  He likes to blow in houses.
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Two Grandmas

Grandma Linda was in town for a week and a half, we all had a great time.  Nila loved having two Grandmas over at one time.
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Bouncey Chair

So for some reason this jumper got moved out of the basement and Lilly has been loving it for the last couple of months, we finally took it down (after running into it about three times a day).  At first she just would bounce, then she would pick things up with her feet, at the end she would just hop in circles then lift her feet and free-spin back to zero.  We would get dizzy just watching her.
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