Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Nila has been making cards for everything. She puts them on our pillows.

Grandma Linda got these magnet blocks for the kids Christmas 2009 and they still play with them all the time. Houses, rockets, stages (as shown here) towers, these things can do a lot.
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Daddy Daughter Dance

I took Nila to the Father Daughter Dance a couple of weeks ago. Sarah made Nila her dress (super cute!). We went out to dinner at a local hot dog place. There was four guys in suits eating hot dogs with their daughters. Nila was a bit confused when we got to the dance and I told her that we were going to be actually dancing and not watching a dance show. She figured it out quickly and was happy to learn classics like YMCA and the electric slide.

I saw a lot of other Dads I knew and have a feeling I will be a long time attendee of this dance between Nila and Lilly.
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