Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nila Hits the Road.

So with your first child you never really know what you are doing (how could you). Last weekend I was out with some of the other guys and kids on the street and all the kids are riding bikes and they think Jonas can ride without his training wheels. He says that he does and I take them off. He went about four houses without me touching him then slowed down and said "Daddy, I want put my training wheels back on."

So this weekend Nila said that she wanted to give it a try. I took Friday off work and Nila came into the kitchen with all her rollerblading pads on and said she was ready to go, we got ready and went outside, and she was off and ridding the first try. She could even use her brakes and stop without any issues, a half hour later we went around the block and a half hour after that she went around herself. I think she went around our block 15 times yesterday and about 10 times already today. She loves the freedom of the open sidewalk.
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Lis Clinger said...

Love how you gets all her gear on. She's always thinking! She's way more athletic than she knows.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nila! How smart of you to get all prepared. We're so glad that you always wear your helmet. Great job! Love to all, NY Grandma and Grandpa