Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Lillian

It's been a rough week with Lillian. She is getting the fourth molar and there has not been much sleep here at night. Lilly's personality is really starting to take hold and she definantly has an opinion about everything. She still has a bit of mommy obsession and holds on tight to me at all times. She cries if anyone tries to take her out of my arms and will even hit the kids if they try and sit in my lap. She thinks my lap is just for her. She has this strange of look of posession whenever she boots them out and takes her place. She also loves sand and water. She also has started to walk more and more. She uses our hands and is down to even one finger. Yesterday we were all outside and she stood up without any support from a crouch. She still skoots around on her bottom and is decently fast at it. She actually wore holes in some onsies and all of the bottoms of her pants and bloomers.
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