Monday, May 16, 2011

River Bank Run

Jas ran the 10K this year. We all got up to eat breakfast with him and wish him good luck. This is actually a bigger deal than you would think because usually I try and lounge in bed for as long as possible on a Saturday morning. He was back by 9:30 and he ran really well (especially for only having run four times since the Irish Jig in March...I know, it is annoying how good of a runner he is.)
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Linda said...

Congratulations Jason on running about a 7 minute 20 second mile race and coming in 110th of 5,200 people! Kudos to you from Mom and Ralph.

Linda said...

Congratulations to you also Sarah, for getting up so early along with the children to have breakfast together before the race. Given it was a, "sleep late Saturday morning", you deserve a great deal of recognition as well!

Lis Clinger said...

Jason you are a very gifted runner. Hopefully one of your children will have this too. (Free money for college is always good.)