Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Lilly - 8 months

Lilly is such a wonderful sweet baby. She is starting to take some solids. We tried green beans and applesauce last night and she really liked them. Tonight she ate bananas too! She loves to growl and grunt and has a new fascination with holding her arms straight out and then saying "Hiya!" Her hair is still red in some lights and blond in others. She has slimmed out a bit, but we weighed her today and she was about 19lbs. She also has learned to snuggle a bit. She hides her face in my neck and snuggles in - it is oh so precious. Lilly we love you!

Lilly also is starting to sleep more at night. This has been so nice. Three nights last week she slept all the way till 5. Of course those were the nights that Jonas was up so Jas and I didn't really get any more sleep, but we foresee sleep in the future!

Last night as I was changing Lil and playing with her I was trying to memorize her sweet smiles and little giggles and the crazy way she lifts her buns off the table but refuses to actually roll over.... I realized it is pointless to try because I surely will forget, but please oh please let me not. Let me remember each and every adorable snuggle and cuddle.
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