Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Applesauce of France

I found these at the grocery today. They are the applesauce's that I used to get for Nila in France. They are awesome because they twist off and re-close so they are easy for toddlers to eat and make a great snack on the run. I picked them up and then was telling Jason that the company name looked familiar - turns out they are the exact same ones from France (but the packaging is way different)! We know a few guys who used to come for work who would fly home with a whole suitcase full of these for their kids. Yeah!
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Megan said...

Sarah, we found these at our local grocery, too, and we were so thrilled! We still call them "pommes pottes", which I think was the brand we used to buy. Yes, this brand is the same brand as in France! (Materna, or whatever it is) Thumbs up!