Saturday, January 08, 2011

Snow Removal

It's been snowing here a lot. Both the kids were begging for shovels (I know - tough crowd I have here) so I finally got around to getting them some. I was going to get them some kiddie shovels, but they were pathetic and didn't look like they would move any snow, let alone hold up for a day, AND they were ten bucks each! I was debating the merits of wasting 20 bucks for a few hours of fun or just saving the cash and telling the kids they didn't exist, when I saw these handy car shovels. They are the kind that you keep in the trunk in case you get the car stuck. They were on sale for six each (plus they included a handy ice scraper too)! They are just the right size for the kids to use and they are real shovels that won't break. And if by some miracle they are not lost in the first season, we could actually use them in the car for emergencies.

Let the child labor begin!
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Lis Clinger said...

So glad you're updating blog more frequently.

Linda said...

Perfect! Would you send those two little darlings our way when their done with the snow in your driveway? Love..NY Grandpa & Grandma