Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Lilly eats food

Or, not so much. We tried Lilly on some food again. She is not so excited. This morning I tried Oatmeal and she pretty much looked at me like I was trying to gag her. Then she hacked it all up and spit it out. I don't think she has the idea yet. You are SUPPOSE to swallow it. So, we are pretty much still nursing full time. Lilly bit me last week. It took some serious committment to nurse thru the pain on that one. The worst part was that she kept biting me! On the same spot! I was getting pretty fearful. It is almost all healed up now, but I still get a little shiver when I see her open mouth coming for me.
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Lis Clinger said...

Jonas loves the camera!

Lis Clinger said...

I want the photo of Lilly with the applesauce for my apartment. I want it framed for my bday. Love it!