Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Nila made me this great crown for my birthday yesterday. It is super cute and she insited I wear it ALL DAY LONG yesterday. It really made me feel special cleaning up or doing dishes in a crown. (It might also have added a bit of heft to my discipline - you know since it was coming from someone in visable authority.) She also made me this great telescope to use! I love it! Oh my dear thoughtful little girl - I love you!
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Linda said...

What a fantastic job Nila and such a great look on your mother. It's such a special gift for a very special person. Happy Birthday Sarah!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Sarah. I would say that I hope you were spoiled on your day, but the pictures show that you were! Hope you had a great day and happy start to your new year.

The Browns said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! What a great way to start your day. ;)