Friday, December 03, 2010

My winter weather solution

Winter came for the first time this week. The kids have been having a blast playing outside. I forget each year how much of a pain the snow is with all the hats and mittens and snowpants and coats and scarves and boots...oh my! When the kids came in all wet I didn't have a place to put the wet things so they could dry out. Jason is always badgering me to install hooks on the wall behind the door, but I hate the messy look of hanging coats. I was just about to cave and ask Jas to install some when I thought of magnetic hook! Brilliant! I ordered some and they came today. We now have plently of places to hang things to dry. Plus I can take the hooks down when I want to make it look better or during the summer when we don't need them. Yeah!!
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Katie said...

Sarah - that's brilliant!! where did you get those?!!

Sarah said...


I got them at I got the 25 lbs hooks and they work great and they are strong so they don't fall down with the coats on them. I also ordered magnets for the fridge - but don't do that. They are so strong that I cannot actually get them off the fridge. :)