Monday, November 01, 2010

To This!!

Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!! I am so so excited to introduce the new kitchen floor! The old floor was nasty linoleum that would not come clean no matter what you did. Believe me, we tried everything. There really is nothing worse than spending an hour on your hands and knees scrubbing only to step back and realize it still ....looks dirty. With Lilly crawling in just a few months the floor became a top priority. Actually who am I kidding. We tore it out in a fit of rage a few weeks back and then had to follow through and get something down. I totally love it. We still need to get the trim molding done and get the bench by the window put back in and put the bathroom back together, but we are now putting together instead of tearing apart. Fortunantly we have Lilly's baptism in just two weeks...nothing like a inviting people over for a party to nip procrastination in the butt.
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Kate Osborne said...

Looks great you guys! Isn't home ownership rewarding! :)