Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You have been Boo'ed

So someone rang our doorbell the other night and there was a small bag outside with some info inside. Apparently we were Boo'ed. Nila had to make up two boo bags and drop them off at two other kids houses on our street. She made one bag (the one on the left) and her friend made up the other. We went out and Boo'ed two other people right before bed time. Nila and I hid behind a tree when they came out and got their treats. Too cute.
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Megan said...

Yea, we were "boo'd" over the weekend! Yay, Nila!

Lis Clinger said...

Ever heard of it, but love it. Nila must have been thrilled. Halloween is awesome!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

What a very cute thing to do. I have never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

What a fun activity to get ready for Halloween....nice neighborhood tradition.

Mary & Ed