Saturday, October 09, 2010

Big Kid Scooter

Sarah is working on potty training Jonas, he needed some incentive and has been trying to ride "Molly's big kid scuuter" So Sarah went and got one for each of the kids. Jonas LOVES it and is actually kind of good. He falls every once in awhile but just shakes it off. If you ask him "Do you want me to pick you up and carry your scooter?" he just says "No I ok, I be carefuul."

Nila actually asked me to take a photo of her "Posing with her scooter". Seriously.

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Lis Clinger said...

If Nila doesn't want to model I'd be surprised.

Jonas has some muscle on those legs.

Anonymous said...

Jonas you rock! Such balance, coordination and speed. What a lot of fun.

Nila where do you get those moves, girl? Yor are too much :-)

Love you both-NY Grandparents

John said...

Excellent post! I like reading this one. Baby pictures are so clear and amazing. Even I have purchased kick scooter for my 5 years old son and he loves riding it.

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