Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Third Child

Lilly has really been getting the short end of the Camera, with the other two I could always find a quiet place or take photos of Jonas while Nila was napping but with Lilly it is 100% action around here. I actually had to take these of her up on the changing table and out of little hands reach. Both the kids love Lilly, you would melt if you heard Jonas say "Babby Lilly tawking to me" when she coos in her bouncy chair. Nila also always wants to hold her and be by her. She is a really great baby but as the third child I think she had no choice.

We love you baby Lilly.
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Anonymous said...

What a cute little girl and such pretty eyes. She is growing so fast! Thanks for the pic's. Love to all....NY Grandma and Grandpa

Judy said...

There's our girl!!! She is a dear and so patient with all of us :). Love,

Heather said...

What great photos of Lilly. She is showing such personality even in pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Mama Cools said...

Just precious.