Friday, September 24, 2010

Nila news

Nila has learned to pump! It is a glorious day when a child learns to pump (for both the parent and the child). Nila just loves it and has been seen nonstop on the swings every time we visit the playground. She also started a new preschool today. Things have been a little crazy this week trying to get all the paperwork done. Nila's obsession with all things art continues. She is now into making really cool designs. She has a new friend down the street named Molly and they are inseperable most afternoons. They bike or do sidewalk chalk and also dig up worms from the backyard. Jason comes home to find at least a couple containers of dirt and worms on the front porch. Nila calls them her pets and is now lobbying for a real pet dog or cat or a fish at the least. "Just look at how I keep my worms". Needless to say, we are not getting a real pet any time soon.
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