Friday, September 24, 2010

Lilly where are you?


In fear that we may not have any photos to put up at Lilly's first birthday party I have been hounding Jason to take some of Lilly. Here are some he snapped the other night on the way out the door. Lilly is growing really well and starting to settle into a nice pattern and rhythem. I would say schedule, but she keeps getting interupted by the older kids' activities. The poor thing will just fall asleep when I wisk her up and out of the house again. She does not sleep thru the night prefering to get up three or so times to nurse. I imagine she just likes the peace and quiet of nursing at night without two very excited children trying to tap on her head or shake her foot or bend her arm backwards. She has a wonderful deep giggle and is such a wiggler! Lilly in the morning is pure joy - when she sees you for the first time she smiles and wiggles all around.
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