Sunday, August 29, 2010

Since we have moved in we needed a couch, last year we borrowed a couple of faded pink love seats from Sarahs parents and they worked great but they went to Bens lake house during the move. Well we went and looked at full blown ones from the nice place, and middle of the road ones from art van and just could not spend that much with our food slinging kids running around. We borrowed another couch from Sarahs parents and then a couple of weeks ago Sarah called and said she "Found a great blue couch on Craigslist". Well when she said that a image came to mind and it was not pretty.. Well we went over and looked at the couch and it was great, we were having Jill and Jason over the next night so I enlisted Jason to help me go over and pick it up. While carrying it outside the husband said "I really did not want to get rid of this couch, I have turned on the tigers and fell asleep on this couch more times than I can remember, but the wife has this idea and....."

Well we love it and if it gets stained I am not going to be crying about it. We love craigslist.
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