Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Peter Pan at the Civic Theater

Jonas did not move from his seat the entire time and clapped after every song.

The kids flew all the way back to the lobby and all the way to the car. They both did a great job and had a great time at the show.
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Nila must have thought we reserved a box.

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Peter Pan

Nila loves to wear dresses but hates to wear tights.

We had a really special treat and took the kids to a local production of Peter Pan downtown. The show did not start until 7:30 (this is about the time we are getting into P.J.'s and reading books) so everyone (including me) took a late nap and we hoped for the best.
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Lilly the smiley baby. Sarah and I have had about two months of rough nights. Lilly was up between 4 to 9 times a night (YES 9). We tried moving her to our bed, having her in our room, rocking, bouncing, etc. etc. We tried all the tricks we used with the last two and all the other ones we could think of but nothing worked. I was at the point that when people asked me what I wanted for Christmas my answer was SLEEP. I figured that since she was the third child and felt like she was not getting as much time as she should with us decided to start carving some time out for herself from 2am to 3am (her favorite time to refuse to sleep). Well Sarah and I made some changes and the last two nights she has been sleeping better. Last night she actually slept for 6 hours in a row. Joy...
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We had Grandma and Grandpa over for dinner this weekend, Jonas makes a killer bread pudding.
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Christmas Cards

Sarah worked hard this weekend to get our Christmas cards out on time. Nila helped a lot by folding the letters and putting everything in the envelopes.

Your card is in the mail!
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Tell-tale Sign

Tell-tale sign that you live in a house with a 2 year old.
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Thursday, December 09, 2010


This is actually a photo from back in October but we never got around to posting it. Our Coolspot blog friends got this book for Jonas when Lilly was born. Jonas LOVES LOVES LOVES this book. He calls it his truck book and anyone who has read books to Jonas is sick of this book because he gets it at every nap and every time he gets ready to go to bed. I have read this book over 50 times. Well I remembered this picture because last night Nila was in bed and she said "Daddy can I tell you something"

Me: "Yes" and I went over to snuggle her in bed.
Nila: "I am dreaming about trucks and I do not want to"
Me: "Well just think of things that you like before you go to sleep and then maybe you will dream of those things"
Nila: "But Jonas always makes me read his truck book and then I have trucks in my heart and I hate trucks"
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Sleeping under a ring of Christmas lights with Santa, his train book, blanket, pillows and snake P.J.'s.
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The Desk

When Jonas goes to hide one of his fav. spots is the "seat" under the desk.
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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A date with Nila

Nila suggested we go out just her and I the other day. She even checked with Daddy to make sure he could watch Jonas and Lilly. We headed out just us two girls and had a great time. We went to dinner (chinese, which she tried for the first time) and then tried to hit the book store, but it was closed. So we went to the library instead where we read just the two of us. It was a lovely little evening and we already have a date planned for next week to get hot chocolate.
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Monday, December 06, 2010

Treasure Box

Jonas got this treasure box a while back, but I just pulled it out yesterday. He is obsessed with it now and is carrying all sorts of junk around in it. At the end of the day he had two cars, some cards, FOUR passies, a pair of socks and the top of the milk jug in there. I will have to start remembering to check it for food at the end of the day.
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A babysitter for reals!

Jas and I finally organized a babysitter so we can start going out a bit. We went to Autocam's Christmas party at the Amway and had a great time. I nursed Lilly just before we walked out the door and then we scooted home around 10:30 in order to be there for the 11:00 wake up. With Lilly my feet grew a whole size so I have had to get an entire new collection of shoes - not as fun as it sounds. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought the heals for this evening because I COULD NOT WALK IN THEM! They were so so high - like 5 inches. I have been practicing all week in order to not look like a total fool and then I just had to keep reminding Jas to walk slowly so I could keep up. The kids think the babysitter is some kind of treat and were practically pushing us out the door - YEAH!
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