Monday, November 30, 2009

Nila Deer

Nila found these in the Christmas decorations and wore them for a couple of days. She kept trying to force them on anybody she saw. I am sure we will end up with a family reindeer picture this year.
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We went out looking for a Christmas tree for the grandparents house on Friday. The kids had a great time tromping through the woods. When we were about a half mile away from the car Jonas took off sprinting and dove into a car size puddle covered in a thing layer of ice. He started to cry and say "Wet, Wet, Wet" and "Cold, Cold, Cold" then laugh when we stripped him down outside. Who knows what he was thinking. Sarah wrapped him up in her scarf and I put him under my coat and bounced him back to the car.
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Nila woke up Friday and looked outside. She was excited beyond words when she saw snow. We did not have any boots for her so she went outside in her moms boots.
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Thanksgiving 2009

We went to Sarah's Parents for Thanksgiving.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009


We have had a lot going on these last few weeks and not had a chance to post much. Sorry I am so behind with the photos. Should be able to pick back up as we get into the holidays. Every year since I have "grown up" I still have a hard time believing there are only 4 weeks between Christmas and New Years. When I was little I remember that time taking FOREVER to pass. Now I am in my 30's and it seems like Christmas is already here and Thanksgiving has not even past yet.


So Jonas is learning to talk. This is lots of fun for us as he trys to say new words every day. One thing that we are trying to get past through is Truck. Jonas LOVES trucks and points them out wherever we go. The problem is that he drops the TRRRR and just replaces it with a F so it comes out as a clear "F@&K, F@&K, F@&K" usually said at high volume three times. After trying to repress giggles we always then say TRRRRRuck Jonas TRRRRuck. And do not even get me started on his pronunciation of Cracker.
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So Jonas is learning new words every day and Saturday he learned "TACO" he loves tacos. The kid had cheese dangling from his nose. We tried to show him the attack from the end technique but he decided to go at it one side at a time from the top. To each his own.
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Take our Picture

Nila has been asking me to take her picture a lot more the last month or so. She set this great one up of her and Jonas.

Jonas only made it through one frame before making his get away.
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New Hats from Grandma Linda

Nila calls hers the "Cupcake hat".

Everyone got new hats a couple of weeks ago from Grandma Linda.
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Hike behind the GR Grandparents house

Last weekend I took Nila on a hike in the woods behind Sarahs parents house. I feel really bad because with everything going on this year we did not have many chances to take the kids out in the woods on hikes. Nila kept telling me that she was scared dinosaurs were going to get us. She kind of complained a lot the entire time then when we finished and made it back to the house she was super excited and wanted to go on another hike.

When crawling over this tree she sat down and asked me to take a picture of both of us. (smudge on the lens sorry).
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playdough Family

We haven't played with play-dough in a long time. Nila worked quietly away for almost two hours this afternoon while I did paperwork. When I went in to play with her we decided to make a family. So, here we are - Jason, Me holding Jonas and Nila. We talked all about bodies and body parts while we were making the people. Nila was very concerned everyone have a belly button.

I love our mud colored playdough!
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Friday, November 06, 2009

Meals We Eat


This is a post to answer Sharis' question about our very oddly named "Meals We Eat" document. How I wish I could take credit for "Meals We Eat". But, alas, it was Jason's idea. A couple years back he kept asking me to come up with a list of meals and I put him off indefinitely saying it would be annoying and too hard. So, he basically just started listing all the different meals we eat himself.

I have to say this is an awesome tool. So simple - but it makes meal planning and grocery shopping super east. Basically the document just separates what we eat by category - Chicken, Beef, Pork, Pasta/Veggie, Fish, Soups, Salads. They are in no particular order and we just keep adding new things as we find recipes we like. (Although Jason's top favorites Nachos, Meatloaf and Enchiladas are the first three items.) Each week I pick three things to make - usually trying to pick one vegetarian option, one chicken and one red meat option. Three seems to be the magic number for our family. Leaving enough food for leftovers and just winging it for a night. Then I note on the back of the list what I need to pick up at the grocery. If, for some reason, I cannot get what I need at the grocery and have to figure out a new thing to make while at the grocery - the whole list is right there and it is easy to just pick another thing off the list.

I cannot tell you how much I totally love this system. It makes sure we rotate meals and don't get in a rut and it just makes the whole "What are we going to eat?" question seem so easy. I never really assign exact days for the meals, but just make what I feel like it. This summer with the CSA we participated in I had to abandon the "Meals We Eat" doc since I never knew what we would get at the CSA. I HATED it! I felt stress all summer long not having a plan. (For that reason I don't know if we are going to do a CSA again this next summer. I would rather just make it a point to go to the Farmer's Market each week.)

Try it - it really does work :)
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Candy Candy

Last week when Nila got home from preschool she had a little bag of candy. There were only 8 pieces of candy, but I didn't want her to eat it before lunch. Anyways, all was quiet in the house while I was making lunch so I went to look for the kids. Both of them were behind the rocking chair in their room. They were chowing down on the candy with candy wrappers and candy bits everywhere. They always go behind here when they want to hide - super secret I know,
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Look - I learned to use scissors!

Nila learned to use "big kid" scissors just in time to cut open all of her candy at Halloween! Jonas helped out eating.
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Donkey Love


Everyone knows that we love "Donkey". He has made an appearance many a time on the blog and is pretty much a daily companion for the kids. Everyone always asks where we got him, but since I picked him up at one of the many children's sales that I loved in Geneva I couldn't tell anyone where to buy him. Well, I have finally found him - or at least his cousin. Check out this site. This is a reindeer, but I am sure the kids will have just as much fun with it.
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Sunday, November 01, 2009

I raked up all the leaves into a pile and threw the kids in them for a half a hour or so. Jonas kept running up to me with his arms up saying "MORE MORE MORE"
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