Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Jonas loves to play Coockoo. The best thing is the amount of time he will wait in "hiding". Seriously - come on out little buddy.
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New Tutu

I made Nila a new tutu. I had bought a whole bunch of tulle at the Field's sale in July and wanted to try out making a tied tutu. It was really easy. I didn't measure well so it is still too big for her even after I adjusted it once. I think I had so much tulle on there that it stretched out the elastic. She loved it as usual. I signed her up for ballet in the fall. She is very excited.
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Monday, August 17, 2009


Our marriage turns 7 years old today. I love you Sarah.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mama are you there?

Nila loved it when I came up and talked to her thru the tunnel.
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Jonas loves the slide

We joined a local beach and park and they have the best kiddie park around. Jonas is crazy for this park and just runs from one thing to the next. He loves this big slide in particular. Mind you he is only 18 m and the play structure is for 4-5 year olds, but he is a champ on this slide. Saturday evening we had a family picnic with a moms group I joined and Jonas spent pretty much the whole three hours running around the playspace. He also learned a new word..."dirt". He showcased it with lots of digging up the mud around the trees and then proclaiming "dirt" to anyone who would listen.

He is really comunicating a lot now. He made up his own sign language for drink which involves him doing a whole arm pump up and down and yelling "ink" over and over at the top of his lungs. He also loves to run and get a kiddie cup out of the big drawer in the kitchen anytime he is thirsty. Thank goodness for IKEA - I have about 15 cups, but never seem to have any in the drawer anymore.

Also Jonas finally took the plung and he stopped nursing. He is not so happy about it, but he was getting too frustrated whenever he tried to nurse since it took a while for my letdown. I guess he wanted instant action. He would pop off and scream in annoyance. This morning when I kinda mentioned it to Nila as I was changing Jonas she said "Oh Jonas, you are not a baby anymore, but now you are a kid!" She was so excited for him and thought that he would instantly be ushered into a big kid bed like her own and out of a sleep sac. I tried to explain that he would still be in the crib for a while, but she thought maybe we could just have a party for him with cake instead. Good compromise.
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The garden is growing well. Nila and Jonas are my little helpers and we try and pick everyday. I am a bit overwhelmed with produce, but the tomatoes are finally ripening up so I cannot complain.
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Princess Nightgown

I found this new nightgown for Nila and knew from the moment I saw it that she would LOVE it. She now insists on wearing her princess nightgown all the time. Here she is trying to show how it twirls.
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Putting everyone to sleep

Nila is more and more into pretend play. Here she put her baby and the "kid" to bed in her room. Her "kid" got a nice setup including some munches for the night.
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So tired

We've been terrible about updating the blog lately. Sorry about that. This has been an action packed week filled with fun activities for the kids. We met some new friends and have had a playdate with them almost every day the whole week long. We went to the Kalamazoo County Fair where they had a "maternity ward" set up with pregnant animals. The animals were there all week and they all gave birth in their pens in full view of everyone at sometime during the week. It was awesome! When we got there on Friday a baby cow had just been born an hour before we arrived. There were also 16 baby pigs and four lambs. There were big barns housing all of the 4H entries. Nila loved the bunny barn and the chicken barn the most. When we were visiting the roasters, they kept crowing all at once and Nila said "Silly roasters - one at a time, please!" I need to get a notebook and write all her neat little phrases down because they really crack me up. On the way out of the fair we passed thru the maternity tent once more and saw the mama cow eating the placenta that she had just passed. The kids were fascinated!

Oh, and the reason I actually thought to post was that it was 6:30 when both kids crashed into bed tonight. After a full week and then the beach this afternoon they were just beyond tired. Poor Jonas seemed to need to go back to bed right after he woke up this morning and he really was just a ball of emotions all day long. He is starting into the tantrum phase now. Unfortunantly for him he looks just so darn miserable that it is almost cute so his wailing does not usually have the desired effect.

This pic is of Nila serving me up some food on a tray. Jonas is terrorizing the computer behind her.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nila showing off her Kid Garden. She planted Sunflowers, Morning Glories, and Strawberrys.
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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Grandma Judy took Nila to see Sleeping Beauty this afternoon, they spent 40 min after the show talking with the characters. I hear she loved it all... She was a little shy with everyone afterwords.

Watching from the stairs.

She is checking out the pink dress.
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A couple of more photos from a month or so ago... So we are all outside on the deck and keep hearing this frog make this HUGE noise, and then get into a discussion of his location. I look under the deck in the bushes etc, etc, and finally decide that he HAS to be in the railing of the deck. So I get a pocket mirror and a work light and found him hunkered down among the old wasps nests under the railing.

About a half hour after I spend a hour looking for him he climbed out to laying the sun for awhile.
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A couple of photos from Grandma Judys camera that I took earlier this summer. The second is me turning around to see what that sound I heard was.
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