Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ready for Winter

The only way we could keep his mittens on was to double pin them to his underlayer.
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Wipe Out

So I took them out on the slead and spun them around.

And around, and around and around and....


They both got up and ran back to the slead... And wanted me to start spinning again...
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Princess and the Pea

Nila loves the story of the Princess and the Pea. Here she has done her own recreation in our living room. She actually stacked those all up herself.
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Jonas loves to be airborn, I have a twist and bounce routine that we do, Sarah always has to look away. You can always tell that Jonas is having a good time when he starts to laugh from his gut.
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Brush Teeth

Jonas using his Darth Vader to brush his teeth.
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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nila was in by the Christmas Tree and being quite for awhile with Jonas. Then I hear all this racket and here she comes in all her clanging ringing glory. She put all these on herself and was deering herself all through the house.


Nila is getting so much more independent, she wanted a sandwich today that she could make her self. She did ask me to put the two pieces of bread together and cut it for her so I am glad to be still needed for something. Another thing she has started to do is ask questions that are a bit harder to answer. One I can think of right now was at Thanksgiving when she saw Grandma Judy getting the turkey ready.

Nila: "Daddy do Turkeys like to be eaten?"
Me: THINK THINK THINK "Just as much as anything else I supose."
Nila: "Oh ok"
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Another Move

Here we go again, we hope this time will be staying in one place for a bit longer than usual. I am moving into a position with my same company up in Grand Rapids. We also buying a house and close on the 21st. We are really excited about everything and can not wait to post photos.

After this our "how many places we have lived" scorecard looks like this.
Jason - 15
Sarah - 15
Nila - 4
Jonas - 3

Wish us luck.

Nila's first story

The other day at dinner Nila was driving me crazy asking questions. I was about fed up when she started to ask me for a "story with no words" which is what she calls stories that we just tell her instead of read to her. I didn't really feel like telling a story so I asked her to tell me one instead. This is what she told me. I quickly ran and got some paper to write it down and then asked her to draw some pictures on the bottom. She got VERY frustrated because her pictures did not look like a pig or an elephant. We worked the rest of the evening drawing, but she never really came up with anything she was happy with. In general she likes to just fill the page with colors, but lately she has just started to want to draw everyday things. For a first story it is great!
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Old header

Good by Fall.


Jonas started to do this last week. He was sitting eating and I saw him. I got Sarah to show her and he would not do it again. Nila said "Freeze Jonas" and then he started to do it every time we say freeze.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Nila Deer

Nila found these in the Christmas decorations and wore them for a couple of days. She kept trying to force them on anybody she saw. I am sure we will end up with a family reindeer picture this year.
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We went out looking for a Christmas tree for the grandparents house on Friday. The kids had a great time tromping through the woods. When we were about a half mile away from the car Jonas took off sprinting and dove into a car size puddle covered in a thing layer of ice. He started to cry and say "Wet, Wet, Wet" and "Cold, Cold, Cold" then laugh when we stripped him down outside. Who knows what he was thinking. Sarah wrapped him up in her scarf and I put him under my coat and bounced him back to the car.
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Nila woke up Friday and looked outside. She was excited beyond words when she saw snow. We did not have any boots for her so she went outside in her moms boots.
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Thanksgiving 2009

We went to Sarah's Parents for Thanksgiving.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009


We have had a lot going on these last few weeks and not had a chance to post much. Sorry I am so behind with the photos. Should be able to pick back up as we get into the holidays. Every year since I have "grown up" I still have a hard time believing there are only 4 weeks between Christmas and New Years. When I was little I remember that time taking FOREVER to pass. Now I am in my 30's and it seems like Christmas is already here and Thanksgiving has not even past yet.


So Jonas is learning to talk. This is lots of fun for us as he trys to say new words every day. One thing that we are trying to get past through is Truck. Jonas LOVES trucks and points them out wherever we go. The problem is that he drops the TRRRR and just replaces it with a F so it comes out as a clear "F@&K, F@&K, F@&K" usually said at high volume three times. After trying to repress giggles we always then say TRRRRRuck Jonas TRRRRuck. And do not even get me started on his pronunciation of Cracker.
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So Jonas is learning new words every day and Saturday he learned "TACO" he loves tacos. The kid had cheese dangling from his nose. We tried to show him the attack from the end technique but he decided to go at it one side at a time from the top. To each his own.
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Take our Picture

Nila has been asking me to take her picture a lot more the last month or so. She set this great one up of her and Jonas.

Jonas only made it through one frame before making his get away.
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New Hats from Grandma Linda

Nila calls hers the "Cupcake hat".

Everyone got new hats a couple of weeks ago from Grandma Linda.
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