Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rainy day fun!

I know I have said this before, but watching a child develop imaginative play is a wondrous experience. It is very rainy here today so Nila and I are hanging inside. She set up this table of food for us to eat and then served me up a plate of two pegs and a triangle.

"Eat Mommy?"

"You sit here." She then pointed to the other seats and said "Daddy's spot" and "Jonas' spot"

In the top photo you can see the long rectangle toy consisting of pegs and foam shapes (made by Lauri). Nila absolutely LOVES this toy! I bought it in the USA and pulled it out for the first time on our long flight over the atlantic and she played with it nonstop for three hours. That is an all out toddler miracle! She now sets it all up and then sings "Happy Birthday" to herself...I guess it does kinda resemble candles on a cake. If anyone needs a great toddler gift - this is it! (The other toy on the table is also by Lauri and she loves this one too.)
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Mary Bristol said...

I want to join in...they remind me of the Cracker Barrel Peg game.