Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Potty love

Potty training.... Monday Nila went to Christine's and I got a lot of wet pants back. So, on Tuesday I had to come up with a plan. We are going cold turkey on the diapers and are pretty much confined to the house until we crack this. Seeing as Nila is not at all lured by stickers anymore - I used them a few too many times on the many plane rides - I had to pull out the big guns and give her two things I usually frown upon bare buns. I set up a potty station with the potty, the portable dvd player and a naked toddler. Getting everything out in the open seemed to do the trick and we didn't have one accident the whole day. After naps she even was able to recognize the urge and would go running from the kitchen or playroom to the potty. Today we tried to put underwear on, because we would like to go out in public eventually, but the pulling down of the underwear has proved to be a bit tricky. Never before have I contemplated the general merrits of underwear so much. They need to be tight enough to stay up around her little buns, but loose enough to pull down. We have 11 pairs in total which seemed like a ton, but now I see that only six pairs work well.

The picture above is of Nila trying to use both the potty seat and the little potty at the same time. I have a whole set photos of her trying to make this match work.
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like she is going to be potty trained soon enough. Like all of your ideas. You're a GREAT Mom!!
Miss you,


Sheldon express..This is our life said...

This sounds like so much fun...I can't wait until my dad comes to try all this fun....I think you have some great ideas, but I understand wanting to go out in public. I have a feeling this will be like most things with babies and she will start doing it and you will only have memories of how difficult it was and all your thoughts about underwear :)

Mary Bristol said...

Think you're on the right track. If she's experienced the wet training pants, that's half the battle. Yes, yukky, but so are diapers. Both my girls loved the fancy pants. Still do for that matter.