Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our more

Nila seems to have grown up overnight. People say that you will look at your first born differently when the second is born, but Nila still seemed half baby to me. But - no more. I look at her now and see the child she is growing into. She has grown a lot taller and is talking up a storm. Now she is speaking in little sentences and repeating everything. Also she has outgrown her crib and refuses to sleep in it - prefering our bed of course or, a distant second, the guest room bed. So this is the last look at our sweet little nursery with two cribs. I made Jason take photos today to remember. Now Nila is onto a big kid bed.

We went shopping on Saturday looking for a little bed to hold us over until we head back to the USA and were shocked at how expensive beds were - we had no idea. We tossed around all sorts of ideas (maybe getting a cheap IKEA toddler bed, investing in bunk beds now, finding one used on the local site) but my Mom came up with the best one - just throw the crib mattrace on the floor and do it up right with some cute improvised headrest. So tonight Nila is in the big bed!
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Anonymous said...

The nursery is so cute!! It is amazing how time flies. Love to you all - Les

Big Blue's Driver said...

Are you guys coming back stateside?