Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jonas and his hair fuzz

Monday Jonas had his 6m checkup. He actually is moving toward the middle growth curve on both weight and height so I guess all our complaining is just madeup. He weighed 8.3 kg and measured 68 cm (and no I have no idea what that is in pounds and inches, I am lucky I remember it at all in metric). I talked over his aversion to all solid food and his current sleep crisis with the pediatrician and she advised me to stop trying the solids for a week and only nurse him 5 times a day total and not at all at night and then reintroduce solids a week or two later. I have tried this for the last two days, but I seem to have spoiled him rotten and he is not having anything to do with the only 5 nursings a day. I did well yesterday, but it seems like he was way hungry because I had to nurse him three times at night. I am struggling over what to do...I guess I will read all 12 of my baby books tonight and compair advice. I am getting pretty tired getting up three to five times a night (three to nurse and twice to settle him back down) plus nursing so much during the day. But, making full fat milk 10 times a day has seemed to suck some of the fat off of my middle so I cannot complain too much.

Other than that he is doing awesome. His hair is growing in and looks like a mini military buzz cut...except for five or six strands that seem to be left over from his newborn hair and are super long. Nila and I rotated some of her toys today, putting a bunch away for a bit and taking the ones in storage out. Plus we got out more toys for Jonas too. I have been trying to sit him up, but he is more interested in being on his knees. He rocks back and forth with a vengence - but it has to be too early for him to start crawling, right??
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Anonymous said...

I completely feel your pain! Hang in there! Pretty soon, we won't be able to fill up those empty legs nor get them out of bed much before noon! Parenthood is sometimes just about survivial:)

Love you all!

Sheldon express..This is our life said...

I thought Kylie was a hungry baby, but she was only waking one to two times a night! Good luck, Kylie didn't start sleeping through the night until I gave her formula before bed. Somebody explained it to me this way, "If you could have your favorite food in your favorite snuggle place anytime you wanted it, wouldn't go for it?" Good luck, you will get there, just remember you need your sleep too :)
~Melinda ;)