Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everyone got back safe. Two hours late but safe. I guess Nila did great on the plane until the last hour. She did not sleep the entire night and crashed less than 1 min after getting in the car. They also lost the stroller so Sarah had to get that taken care of also.

Everyone is napping right now. Sorry the photo is so bad, I have not taken one in three weeks.
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Mary Bristol said...

Glad you made it back safely! I said a quick prayer yesterday that things would go church lady connections must not be worth much.

Mary B

carla clinger said...

agreed. glad everyone is home safe and sound, though our days have been filled with laughter while exchanging stories of nila and jonas. we miss everyone already. nila is beyond beautiful, as well as smart and exrpressive. jonas is not really a baby, we're convinced. so self reliant, and easily amused. what a joy to be around. what's with the stomach crunches at 6 mos old?! never seen anything like it! he's going to have a "20 pack" by the time he's one! we look forward to seeing everyone at christmas. jason will be an added bonus! we look forward to graham meeting his new uncle.