Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nila skipped her nap today. I went up to check on her after hearing some noise only to find her "sleeping" under her crib. She is getting very sneeky about getting out of her sleep sac and getting out of her bed. When I walked in the room she said "Nila sleeping daddy close the door". She hung out upstairs for awhile then anounced that she was "All Done want to go Downstairs". A couple of hours later I put some muppets on for her while I cleaned up a little. She usually talks to the "V" but this time was quiet, I walked over and found her like this on the couch.
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Anonymous said...

What darling pictures all of them. I would agree that a dog is in your future.
Can't wait to see you.
Ed and Mary

Anonymous said...

How very precious!! NY Grandma.