Saturday, July 05, 2008

A new Cousin Awaits

My brother and his wife Carla have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of their son who does not seem to want to make an appearance. They are at the hospital RIGHT NOW getting things rolling. SO soon soon we will have a new cousin! Our thoughts and prayers go out to them. We have tried not bugging them too much, but are on the edge of our seats waiting to meet their son.

Here are two pics of my own little sweeties just moments after they were born. I have always loved this photo of Nila - she look exhausted.

And Jonas - fat and rosey from the start.

Actually they look exactly alike at birth.
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Anonymous said...

We are anxious to hear the news as well, keep us posted.
I loved the new pics again of Nila and Jonas, we forget how precious those new pictures are.


Anonymous said...

Sarah & Jason,
Graham Emerson, 9lbs. 6 oz., 21 inches was just born by c-section! He looks as squished as all the others...he'll fit right in :)!! Everyone is healthy and oh, so HAPPY!! Love, MOM