Thursday, July 03, 2008

Look Mommy - HOME

Well - this is the last of the vacation photos. We are all settled back in and enjoying the back yard. I have to share just one last funny story about our trip. When we came home at 1 AM I carried Nila into bed. Around 6 she woke up and came in bed with us. When Nila and I finally woke up around 8 she rolled out of our bed and said excitedly "Look Mommy - HOME!"

We got out the kiddie pool and she had a blast playing in it all weekend. It has been really hot here the last few days.

Everyone is probably sick of red donkey photos, but Nila was overjoyed to see her donkey again. She even gave him a bath in the pool...which he really needed. It was so funny to see her very attentively scrubbing his feet.

Last but not least, Jonas has learned, but not mastered, rolling over. He has been a pill all night long because he will roll over on his tummy and then wine until we roll him back. Nila and I have had a great time as he gets into rattles and toys a little bit. Nila always remembers to give him something to play with.
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Anonymous said...

I am dso glad that you had a wonderful vacation and are back safe and sound.
Enjoy the pool, to keep cool. We are looking forward to your trip to the USA.


carla clinger said...

shnuggle, shnuggle. what a yum!