Friday, July 04, 2008

Jonas' Baptism

Getting Jonas baptized has been on my mind from practically the moment he was born. It is always a really tough to decide where to have the baptism since most our family are in Michigan and New York, but the parish that we are a part of and are really involved in is, of course, here. A few years back I had to make the decision to stop trying to live in both places at once and just make our home where we - bloom where you are planted. Anyways, the baptism schedule was booked full for April and May so we had to have Jonas baptized on Saturday. We didn't know exactly how to celebrate since the ceremony is at noon and all of our friends have two year olds who do not sit quietly when they are suppose to be eating lunch and napping.

Our good friends Julie and John kindly offered to help us out and came to stand in for our Godparents (Jeff and Amy) and help celebrate Jonas. It was a communal baptism with three other children. The other families had a huge group along to witness....we had Nila and her two year old friend Will. They were AWESOME! Here they are giving very prayerful reverence to the occasion.

And finally baby boy Jonas - such a looker! He was super during the baptism and didn't cry at all. Overall it was very sweet and lovely way to welcome Jonas into the church.
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Mary Bristol said...

Congratulations, Jonas! Looks like you were the star of the show! God bless you!

Mary B

Anonymous said...

hi sarah,

i am on the computer trying to learn this new stuff hard for us old folks .
looking at pictures of jonas .He is so handsome.
Love, Gram Y

Heather said...

Congratulation Mr. Jonas, you look like you are glowing already.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to everyone! The picture of Nila and her friend in "prayerful reverence" is priceless! I am absolutely heartsick about not being able to see you guys this summer... hopefully soon... maybe this Christmas?

love to all and GodBless Jonas on this first of many sacraments!


Anonymous said...

God Bless you Jonas and welcome to the Body of Christ.
We can't wait to see you in August.
Ed and Mary.