Saturday, July 12, 2008

Doggy sitting

We have been doggy sitting Oreo for the past week. To say that Nila is in heaven is an understatement. Nila has a pure love for dogs. She is not frightened at all and never has been. On our walks there is a mean dog at the corner who rushes the fense and barks. I have been startled by it multiple times, but Nila just yells "Puppy!!" with a huge smile on her face and woofs right back at him. Poop Oreo has been her constant playmate and companian. Christine has taught her to only hold a dog by the collar so she has been dragging her around the yard on "walks" by the collar. If he falls asleep somewhere she puts a blanket on her. She also is very concerned about Oreo eating and runs over and hand feeds Oreo all her doggy food. When we put Oreo in the crate for her naps and at night she always remembers some food to drop in so Oreo won't be hungry.

The crate has been a huge hit also. Nila puts Oreo in and shuts the door and then climbs in herself to sit. She also brought all her toys in there to hang out.

Here she is just LOVING up Oreo. When I saw her in there this morning she was sucking her thumb on her back with her feet up just relaxing.

And after Oreo left (understandably fed up with being confined) Nila just hung out in there a bit alone.

I would say a dog is in our future, but I don't know if I could put all that love on one puppy. Fortunantly Oreo has been very tolerant and kind. She leaves today and will hopefully be backk for some more visits.
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Anonymous said...

These are so funny. I laughed for awhile. Who new that the dog cage would be a HIT!! The children are totally sweet and Nila is so compassionate and loving. I can't wait to see them. Love GRparents