Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We are in Michigan!

We have arrived!  Sorry no cute picture to go with this post because I don't have a camera and will have to figure out how to post using my Mom's camera.  The flight was good and Nila did really well.  We did have our challenges - 9 hours is a long flight for anyone.  I have to say that I was saved by a family who happened to be flying with us that we knew from church.  They were a life saver and I honestly do not think I would have survived without them.  They helped me get on and off the flight, entertained Nila for long stretches during the flight, and then helped me get all my luggage off, through customs and rechecked for the flight to GR.  I also had many offers of help getting on that last flight to GR, getting the stroller (the massive heavy double stroller) up the stairs at the airport, getting a huge bag into the car.  Never underestimate the kindness of stangers!

Both Nila and Jonas had a decent night getting settled in a new place and we are taking it easy this first day.  We cannot wait to see everyone!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Packing up and Moving out!

Today I usually work, but I am frantically packing instead. Getting three people ready for a three week journey means.....well basically that I just have to have all the laundry done and that is asking a lot. Here are a bunch of random photos from the weekend.

Jonas hanging in the Bumbo.

Nila reading her book. Saturday morning Jason was up with her and he said she was really quiet. When he went to investigate he found her concentrating on her book - looking at each and every picture for a long time. She loves these books. There is a series and I think we have every one.

Mornings when I go in to start the laundry I always put Jonas down in front of the machine on the rug because he loves it. He will happily play here content while I fold and hang out all the laundry to dry (and even for 15 or 20 minutes after that). Jason thinks it is hysterical that I let the washing machine babysit.
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Squeak Squeak Jonas

Jonas just LOVED this new squeaker toy. He pumps his arms and legs like crazy when we squeak it for him. And he even learned how to make it squeak himself!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our wonderful neighbors and friends

Well, I don't have any cute stories from this week to share because well - I haven't really even seen my own kids. I blew my back out Monday night deadheading flowers of all things and have been pretty much useless since Tuesday morning. Thankfully Christine and her family took Nila and Jonas these last three days. Jason has been dropping the kids over there around 8 in the morning and then Christine runs Jonas back when he needs to nurse (he won't take a bottle the little stinker!) so I can get the prescribed rest that I need to get this back healed. I do not know what we would do without such wonderful friends here to step in and help when things get tough. Nila loves it over at their house and would live there if we let her. Fanny, Christine's daughter, plays with her nonstop, they have a pool, hamac, outdoor playhouse, garden, and the real clincher - a dog!

Here is Christine with Jonas at the wonderful afternoon we spent there a couple weeks ago.

All the kids eating homemade pizza outside together.

The good news is that I am feeling much better and can sit up and walk and lay down without crying in pain. I still am not 100% healed, but I will be taking it very easy these last few days before the big flight. We arrive on Tuesday!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our friend Christine sent these photos to me today from Monday when she was watching Nila. They had a hedgehog in their garden. She said that they usually roll up in a ball when they are scared but this one just set there and let the kids pet it then waddled off into the bushes. I guess Nila loved it. She is on Fannies lap getting a helping hand. I love the look on Nilas face in the first photo.
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Nila going to the beach

On vacation Nila would wake up everyday and say "I wanna go to the beach" in the cutest way. We had several attempts trying to get this on tape - and it finally worked!

Jonas smiling at the camera

Here is another old one from vacation. Jonas would smile at Jason everytime he made this sound...I love to see him smile!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nila sharing in Spain

Jason finally showed me how to upload the videos. Here is an old one from where we were on vacation. I love how Nila tells Jonas to hold her balloon and then scolds him saying it is hers.

Nila in the rain video

Here is a cute video of Jason and Nila playing in the rain-boat.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

After a while longer she ditched the water ring for the umbrella again.

The rain was really coming down hard.

Jonas in my arms keeping a eye on Nila from the cover of the garage. He puts out a fair share of water himself. New teeth bring lots of drool.
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We had some friends over this afternoon and it was hot and muggy. As they where getting ready to leave clouded over and started to downpour. Nila loves to play in the puddles and as we were outside saying goodbye she was inside getting ready to go play in the rain. She had the hat on when I found her and her boots out but was putting them on the wrong feet. I helped with that and opened the umbrella she dug out of the closet. So now she is ready to play in the rain.

After a little bit she ditched the umbrella for more secure foul weather gear.

It was really raining hard but she had a blast playing in the water.
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Nila was playing with this bungee cord for awhile then hooked it to my belt loop. I really think we need to get her a dog.
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When Sarah overbought all kinds of stuff for her garden some of the cucumbers and zucchinis ended up in the compost pile behind our friends house. Who knew compost would grow Jonas size zucchini. We have been eating lots of green veg the last couple of weeks.
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Nila loves to hold on to the side of the stroller when we walk. She was in heaven here...
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We met some friends Friday night down by the lake. Nila jammed on the playground equipment for awhile. She shared a Broccoli, pear + peas with one of her friends. They make apple sauce over here like this but I had never seen the veg version until Nila brought this to me to throw away. I tasted it and it actually wasn't that bad.
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Another Bumbo advertisement... And yes those are Christmas pajamas, they are 12 month size but he is fitting into them fairly nicely.
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Nila kept saying... "Jonas seat" and got excited and went and got one of her chairs. She brought it back out and was very very happy to pronounce "Jonas seat"... "Nila seat"... She really really loves Jonas.
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nila loves to swing.

I think I pushed her on the swing for 20 min this morning.

And she still kept asking for more.

When I told her we had to stop to eat lunch se said "Other way, otherway Daddy" and turned around. I guess we had to un-swing in the other direction. She went on about some swing Karma balance thing but it is hard to follow in 2 year old talk.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcoming "Bud-a" to the fam

So we are sitting at dinner last night and Nila was asking for something and
Sarah said: "Ask your Father"
Nila pointing to me: No thats my Daddy
Nila pointing to Sarah: "My Mommy"
Nila pointing to herself: "Ninla" (Still working on this one)
Nila pointng to Jonas: "Jonas"
Nila pointng at the butter: "Bud-a"

What a big happy family we all are.
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nila skipped her nap today. I went up to check on her after hearing some noise only to find her "sleeping" under her crib. She is getting very sneeky about getting out of her sleep sac and getting out of her bed. When I walked in the room she said "Nila sleeping daddy close the door". She hung out upstairs for awhile then anounced that she was "All Done want to go Downstairs". A couple of hours later I put some muppets on for her while I cleaned up a little. She usually talks to the "V" but this time was quiet, I walked over and found her like this on the couch.
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Oreo went home today... Nila was very sad...
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A couple more shots of our smiling baby boy...
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