Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A weekend away

Friday a funny thing happened. Christine was dropping Nila off and said "Well, we will see you tomorrow. What time?" I had no idea what she was talking about. But, as it turns out I had asked her a month ago to watch Nila on Saturday night so Jason and I could use a free night at a hotel that we had received. But, I had totally forgot to call the hotel. I quickly ran in and called and we were in luck! They had a room for Saturday night. We dropped Nila off after lunch and then went into Geneva for our night away. We basically just hung out at the hotel the whole time taking advantage of the free health club on site and enjoying a drink and light salad on the patio during the two hours of sun. We then enjoyed a nice dinner at the restaurant and a huge breakfast buffet the next morning.

We had one moment of regret for not bring Nila when we saw some other toddlers in the pool, but quickly got over it. It was so nice to have no schedule to follow. With toddlers the whole day is a delicate balance of stimulation/sleep/snacks/play. It can be truly exhausting since you really have to stick to a certain schedule or risk toddler drama.

Jonas wowed us with his new sticking his hands in his mouth talent and all his cute noises. Jason will post a new video of his cuteness.
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