Sunday, June 15, 2008

I had a great Fathers Day. Sarah even baked a cake (although officially it was to test the receipt I am not complaining). We did not think Nila needed the extra sugar kick before going to bed so we kept it out of site in the kitchen. She was helping us clean up though and must of caught a glimpse of it because the next thing we hear is a chair being dragged through the kitchen. We both went running in just in time to see her climbing on the chair, seeing the cake in full view and saying, "HEY LOOK AT THIS!" while literally doing a double fisted double pump of excitement. We where able to talk her down and get her to bed with promises of cake tomorrow.
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Heather said...

Happy Father's Day Jason! Enjoy.

marika said...

Is that a Magnolia cake???

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day Jason, hope you had a restful day and everyone spoiled your.

Ed & Mary

Sarah said...


YES!! This is the famous Magnolia cake that I cannot seem to make. After your shower I vowed to try again and after tasting this one I am going to give up - it is way too dense. It still tastes okay, but not anywhere nearly as good as the 4 or 6 or was it 10 that I ate that Jill made. oh well - at least Jason will eat it :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day are a loving, fun daddy! Love, GRparents

Anonymous said...

Happy belated, "Fathers Day", Jason...I'm misssing you, in MI.