Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Donkey rules our lives

Yesterday was challenging - I know I said I was feeling well after the sleep, but two sick and ornary little ones and fighting a cold myself plus being stuck inside because of all this rain has made for rough going. One funny thing happened in the afternoon. I had just gotten everyone up from their naps and was nursing Jonas when Nila wanted to nurse her donkey - the BIG RED ONE. So, there we are on the couch, me with Jonas and Nila trying to manuver this massive red donkey around without bonking all of us. She did finally succeed and it was pretty cute. Then later she ran off to get Jonas' seat because her donkey wanted to "play"

Not the best picture, but here she is dragging the seat into the playroom saying "Jonas sit here"

And of course donkey playing.
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Mary Bristol said...

So, did she succeed in maneuvering the red donkey or succeed in nursing him?
I LOVE your blog, I get at least one giggle with each post!

Mary B