Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cooking and Potty Training

We have been potty training this week. Day one went really well and Nila is starting to understand the potty, but day two and day three consisted of a lot of accidents since I did not insist she sit on the potty every hour. Thus we are putting the potty on hold for a couple weeks until we can identify the "urge". It actually went really well and Nila seemed to be catching on.

Since we have been at the house we went on a cooking spree. Yesterday we made bread pudding, homemade bread, and cookies. It really brought home to me how well Nila does helping me in the kitchen. She is a superb mixer and is also in charge of holding all of the measuring cups for sugar, flour and such. Monday night we made homemade pizza. I just did it in the oven since it takes two hours to heat up the pizza oven. This was a great activity for Nila to get involved in. I let her spread the oil and sauce on and then she put all the toppings on. The best part is that she takes topping duty very seriously and usually transfers only one piece at a time. This can kill almost a half hour!

Tonight I realized how far she really has come. When Jonas was being fussy I had to step aside to put him down and when I had returned she had very carefully put the feta cheese on the stuffed chicken we were having. I had been ready to scold her for going forward without me, but she did it perfectly. She also washes all of our vegetables. Tonight we had green beens and she very carefully washed EACH individual been! She is actually saving me time during dinner prep.

I have been using the sling a lot lately and becoming more comfortable with it. I never really got the hang of it with Nila. One day almost a month ago I had decided to walk to our local farm with Jonas in the stroller and Nila pushing her stroller. This turned out to be a very bad plan as Nila was done halfway home (and the farm store turned out to be closed when we got there). I did happen to have the sling with me so I ended up carrying her home in that and pushing Jonas...a good workout. We were kinda bouncing along since Nila is a lot heavier in the sling. So later she kept saying "Mommy I want bounce", but I had no idea what she was talking about until she ran and found the sling. Now she really enjoys being in the sling. At first I was not too happy about it since she is pretty heavy and I usually have to spend a fair bit of the day hauling Jonas around. But, actually it is kind of nice to have her so kissably close. She never is in it for more than a half hour or so, but it is a good cuddle.
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Heather said...

We love hearing about how the kids are growing up. Thanks for sharing again!

Anonymous said...

I second that! I always get such good ideas from you about what to involve the kiddos in! :) I have to say you make having 2 look organized and easy... and I don't know how it could be considering we only have one and I'm completely exhausted!:) Kuddos to being super Mom!


Anonymous said...

What a big girl to help with dinner, she really is growing up. Hope all is well with all of you, love the pictures.

Mary & Ed

Anonymous said...

Sharing your days with the children puts me back so many years as I remember the hectic yet slow pace of those days. It was always a treasure to have the children around helping with whatever they could do and I agree they can, surprisingly, do quite a bit - just a lot slower. I remember a little Sarah in the kitchen next to me quite a bit! But ,oh, how competent and needed they feel and so willing to help do all the tasks you want them to do. Reading about the children helps me to know them in their everyday life. Thank you! Have a great vacation!!! Love, MOM