Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Disco

The resort had a lot of stuff that we didn't really take advantage of - mostly because it was hard to coordinate with the two kids. But on Tuesday night we decided to check out the kiddie Disco that was advertised. How could we NOT have come to this everynight!! There were two of the kiddie club workers doing sing along songs for the kids and then at the end "Buffo" came out to sing his theme song which went something like "Buffo Buffo he's the best....something like a rocket in the sky". All the kids loved it and most danced along with the leaders. Nila sat on a chair and sucked her thumb getting a lay of the land.

The second night we went she even got on stage and did some of her dance moves.

Jason and I enjoyed a drink at the tables and relaxed...bliss!
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funkygirl said...

oh my gosh...those juicy, cherry lips are amazing!! (sorry jason, i mean nila's)