Saturday, June 28, 2008

After Baby Disco there was always another show. This is Nila witnessing the Elvis / Presilla Vegas Wedding in the Life of Elvis musical.

And her in the front row at the Spanish Dancing night.
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Nila loved loved loved to walk down to the end of the beach with the rocks. (This was also the nudist portion of the beach so that was always interesting) She would ask over and over to be hoisted up to set on the rocks then cry to get down because they where sharp and her her butt, then want to try another spot...
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Nila was so excited about getting on the plane that she ran down the ramp without us.

I was impressed that she familiarized herself (and her baby) with the in flight emergency instruction card without even being asked.
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Depending on how the waves were the night before we always ended up on a diffrent part of the beach. If we had to walk to the other end Nila was usually great on the way there but dragged a bit on the way back. I do not know why but whenever we walked she insisted that I had a handfull of sand with me at all times. She would not move forward unless she was able to give me some sand. I still do not understand all the logic but I have determined that logic and 2 year olds are not always in lock step.
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We where going to try and post the vacation photos in order but we have just way to many (seriously it is a scary amount of photos) and we keep finding ones we like so I think we will just be posting vacation photos randomly for awhile.

The night we went to the see the sunset we told her that the sun was going "night night". After saying "night night sun" about a million times she started to get concerned that it would not come back (I am sure in her head this had some connection with not being able to go to the beach the next day). So we had to explain that the sun would be back the next morning... "Ohhhhhhhh O-Ta" she said.
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The one snag in our journey was that on the way out there my one strap on my dress broke as I was handing something around to Nila in the backseat. Now - this was distressing. I spent a whole ten minutes trying to jerry rig something so my dress didn't just fall off completely. I tried to tie the strap to the other intact one, but it really wasn't long then I tried using the tie on the front part of my dress to reinforce it....which just looked weird so then I had to tie the other part of the front tie up to create symmetry...

We then headed to the point and the lighthouse to hit the sunset. It was beautiful right over the water, but being from Michigan it was nothing compaired to those we have seen over the lake.

At this point the other strap broke on the dress ruining my whole contraption completely, but at least now I could just tie them together behind my neck.
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Afternoon out exploring

On Sunday I was sick of just sitting on the beach and itching to explore so we hopped in the car with no real destination in mind and had an afternoon away. It was one of those days where everything just works. We found a cute town by the port - found a reasonable restaurant and sat down to a great meal (which Nila sat the whole way thru). We were pretty hungry too since although we were doing a decent job of finding some kind of meal at the mostly chips grocery store it had been a while since we had had real food. Both Jason and I both commented on how much junk food there was at this small grocery. Then we decided to head out to see this famous point. We were half way there and took a minute to do a quick stop at which turned out to be one of the most beautiful and cool places.

It was a walk out to a cliff and the landscape was unbelievable. It was a sheer drop off the side so both Jason and I were hanging on tight to both Jonas and Nila so our pictures are not the best. I know Jason would have loved to spend the whole evening there taking photos.

We also were able to get a family photo - which kinda sorta turned out.

Then we tried one on our own.
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Baby Disco

The resort had a lot of stuff that we didn't really take advantage of - mostly because it was hard to coordinate with the two kids. But on Tuesday night we decided to check out the kiddie Disco that was advertised. How could we NOT have come to this everynight!! There were two of the kiddie club workers doing sing along songs for the kids and then at the end "Buffo" came out to sing his theme song which went something like "Buffo Buffo he's the best....something like a rocket in the sky". All the kids loved it and most danced along with the leaders. Nila sat on a chair and sucked her thumb getting a lay of the land.

The second night we went she even got on stage and did some of her dance moves.

Jason and I enjoyed a drink at the tables and relaxed...bliss!
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Jonas looks like baby scarface in this photo. He scratched himself with some nails that had gotten long. Jonas is such a fun baby and even learned to roll over on Wednesday of our vacation. He actually does not like to be on his tummy at all so for him the rolling over is a pain as he cannot roll back yet. He was a real champ and traveled well. I never really worry about him schedule wise because he bounces right back and takes it all in stride. I have to say I am loving having my sling along. I used it everyday to carry him around and it really made getting on and off the plane easy since I could have my hands free.
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Mr Jonas hung out under the unbrella or in the tent the whole time at the beach. The little guy has super sensitive skin and developed a rash on his chest from the soap I used for a quick bath on the first night.

Jason went to do something and Nila and I were stuck in the room. I got out the markers and some paper, but Nila felt her body was a better canvas.

Jonas got another tooth while we were on vacation! I cannot believe how quick he is growing!! Where did my baby go??
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Nila and the Beach

I honestly do not know where to start because there are so many cute pictures of Nila at the beach. Unfortunantly most of them involve her little butt cheeks sticking out since her suit seemed to creep up constantly. This was Nila's first real beach or pool experience. She was very hesitant at first, but by the end of the week she was begging us to take her for a swim. On the last day I went out in very heavy waves and heard her screaming for me the whole time I was out there.

The really cool thing about our beach was that it was like a different place everyday. On that first day it was really calm and there was a really steep drop down to the shore from the sand. Then the next day the wind would shift and we would wake up to huge waves and a large flat surface to play on.

Probably the problem with posting photos this time around is that all the photos are about the same since we basically did the same thing everyday...
Wake up - breakfast - beach - lunch - nap - beach - dinner - sleep

Here are a few favorites from the first couple days out.
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Friday, June 27, 2008

We are on our way!

We are back and Nila and I are working diligantly on the mountain of laundry. I tried to start going thru the vacation pictures, but Jason can easily take 500 pictures when we are just out for a walk - so a whole weeks worth is just overwhelming. I figure I will just start at the beginning...

Our flight left around 7:30 so we had to leave the house around 4:30 and of course as soon as we got to the airport we were all hungry. Nila jammed a yogurt while we waited for Jason to park the car.

Then she got a sandwich.

Our flight was delayed of course so we spent quight a bit of time hanging in the terminal. Nila had her baby along and she can usually play with her for hours. Nila has really been into putting her baby to sleep lately saying "baby sleepy" "baby dodo" and setting her down to sleep. What is really funny is the odd places she chooses to put her to sleep. A while back we have a great photo of the poor baby out to sleep on the deck in the rain (Nila put her there when it was raining). While waiting in the terminal Nila put the baby on the top step of the main flight of stairs where everyone enters the terminal - told Jason the baby was going dodo and left her. Jason was a bit skeptical about this and was relieved when ten steps away she got a surprised look on her face and ran back to the baby. Jason thought she was getting her, but it turned out she only forgot to kiss the baby goodnight. Kids learn a lot from their parents, but I can vouch for the fact that I have never left her or Jonas on the top step of a flight of stairs to take a nap.

We arrived in Palma - the capital - at around 10 or 11 and then had to haul all our junk out to the rental car. I had Jonas in the sling and was pushing the stroller with Nila in it while Jason hauled our three bags and two car seats. For some reason this trip confirms that we are officially adults. It might have been all the luggage that we would have formerly scorned or maybe it was renting a car and changing the kids into pjs before hitting the road to find the resort, but its official - we are adults.
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We are all back at home, our flight into Geneva was very late and we did not leave the airport until 12.30. Nila Screamed the first 10 min of the car ride... " MOMMY I WA GET DOWN" but eventually passed out. I do not think she even knew Sarah moved her into her bed when we got home. She is still sleeping upstairs. Actually both kids where champs on the plane and in the airports and we had a great flight back. We have tons of photos so expect more posts. I am off to work but I am sure Sarah will try to post more today.

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Monday, June 23, 2008


We are on vacation in Mallorca off the cost of Spain this week. Nila is having a blast at the beach in the sand. We have lots of photos but will ned to wait until we get back home to post them.

See you all then.

Jason Sarah Nila and Jonas

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poor Jonas

We are at home today packing and getting ready for our trip tomorrow. Unfortunantly we do not leave until 5 at night so there is a lot of temptation not to pack until the last minute - but with two little ones packing is like a huge job. You want to take enough, but not too much since there is just so much we can carry. Here is a cute shot from last week I think. Nila likes to hug Jonas as often as possible and Jonas does a good job of tolerating her total love, but I just love the second picture - where he is like "Get this girl off of me"

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