Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More donkey stories

Actually we do have another donkey in the house - this stuffed one that we got from Kelly when Nila was born. I got the camera out this morning hoping to catch a moment between Nila and Jonas. Nila loves to entertain Jonas by talking REALLY close to his face. They were both laying there facing each other and it looked really sweet, but by the time I got back Nila had moved on. She then started playing with the donkey. Here is a brief recap...

Nila: "Donkey sit here"

Nila: "Oh, donkey crying. Donkey hungry"

She then went outside so that donkey could eat some grass. I tried to follow and take a picture, but she kept waving me back into the house. I did sneak this one.

Nila: "Donkey sit baby chair"

Then donkey went "do do" (to sleep in french). We went thru this donkey act about 12 times. I loved seeing her little imagination coming to life!
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Anonymous said...

How, so very, cute!


Anonymous said...

She is too cute!!! Jonas is cute as well and getting so big! Nila looks very much like a little Sarah...I have first communion pics (I know we were a little older) but she looks very much like her mommy!
~Melinda :)