Friday, May 30, 2008

Calling Daddy

I seem to be a little addicted to the blog this week. But, all these cute things are happening and I want to share.

Everyday we give Jason a call right around 6. Usually it is with the pretense of finding out when he will be home, but at this point in the day I mostly need contact with an adult and it works to distract Nila for a moment or two during the crucial dinner time rush.

Here is Nila making the call....

Letting Jonas talk for a minute....

He seemed to slober all over the phone so she got the dish towel to wipe it off and felt it was better to just keep the phone covered so he wouldn't do it again.

As you can see he is starting to drool a little bit...
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Jonas Fridays

Friday is my Jonas day. I am so lucky to have one whole day a week with no commitments and my little boy at home with me. Nila goes to Christine's for the day and I get to focus solely on this little guy. We snuggle and nap and basically just hang out in our pajamas until the late afternoon. This is Jonas with his first rattle. I have been trying to get him to hold on to it the last couple of days and he finally grabbed on and explored it awhile. He is growing like a weed and is nice and plump. He eats ALL THE TIME! I have serious concerns for when we have the four month check. I think he just went thru a growth spurt because four or five sleepers have had to be retired. He also is almost of the verge of rolling over. Yesterday I went to get him from a nap and he had wiggled both legs between the slats of the crib.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nila out to dinner with some friends.
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Nila and Jonas

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More donkey stories

Actually we do have another donkey in the house - this stuffed one that we got from Kelly when Nila was born. I got the camera out this morning hoping to catch a moment between Nila and Jonas. Nila loves to entertain Jonas by talking REALLY close to his face. They were both laying there facing each other and it looked really sweet, but by the time I got back Nila had moved on. She then started playing with the donkey. Here is a brief recap...

Nila: "Donkey sit here"

Nila: "Oh, donkey crying. Donkey hungry"

She then went outside so that donkey could eat some grass. I tried to follow and take a picture, but she kept waving me back into the house. I did sneak this one.

Nila: "Donkey sit baby chair"

Then donkey went "do do" (to sleep in french). We went thru this donkey act about 12 times. I loved seeing her little imagination coming to life!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An awesome photo of that smiling face! Nila makes us laugh more and more everyday. She is talking a LOT now. It is crazy because just when Jonas was being born we were getting a little concerned because she didn't really put two words together, but now just three months later she is speaking in sentences. Just today she told me "Mommy, I hold this donkey" as she hoisted the big red donkey into her arms. (I love the way she uses "this donkey" as if we have multiple donkeys.)
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Mr. Jonas at the Kermesse hung out in the sling.
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Fun at the Kermesse

We went to the Kermesse on Saturday and had a blast. Last year Nila was really too small to participate in any of the games, but this year she loved it. They also have the best food in the world! We get a couple different plates from the different country booths and share. They also have an American candy stall so Jason got Red Hots and I got Tootsie Rolls.

The bouncy castle...

Fishing - the second time Nila did this she got a little baby doll. She was super excited!

They had a face painting stand and the women there were artists. We should have gotten some photos of the other kids. Nila sat and watched the other kids getting their faces done and then climbed into the chair with a very serious face. I wasn't sure how long she would sit, so we just got a couple flowers, but she sat really still the whole time.

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Naked dancing

Here is a scene from our daily lives...

Jonas hanging out watching life go by.

Nila doing some naked baby dancing.

And of course refreshments for after the naked dancing.
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Knock Knock

Nila has a great game where she rings the doorbell about 50 times and then I open the door. She loves it, but I am not as thrilled. Well yesterday she started ringing the doorbell, but since I was making dinner I called to her and told her I could not play right now. She continued to ring the doorbell for a while and then all was quiet. Later when I went out to clean up after dinner this was the scene at the front door. The donkey, the baby, and Nila were all camped out there I guess just waiting.

You can even see that Nila was enjoying a cup of coffee while she waited...and donkey got a giraffe I guess.
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nila and Her Dad
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Another one from a couple of weeks ago.
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Another photo from last weekend. This is Cat's bunny rabbit. Nila loves rabbits.
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Monday, May 19, 2008

One more photo of Nila with Cat. (lots of ants on the blog these last couple of weeks)
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We went on this great Carousal in the park. (THREE TIMES) Nila loved it, it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. A great article here about the group that made it (English on bottom).

Nila in arm to pincher combat with an Ant...

and trying to put a half nelson on a ladybug.
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After lunch we walked down to the Botanical Gardens. Nila looking at the flamingos.

Nila looking at the deers.

Nila looking at the peacock.
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