Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Some more photos from Jonas's dark period. Back when he was younger he was a little down and moody. He seems to be growing out of that stage though and apreciating everything more now.
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Monday, April 28, 2008

I love to post these videos but I do need to admit that I sound like a moron.

Nila is all about making her own decisions now. The sun was out in force Sunday so I told her to "go and get a sun hat" she runs in and comes out with this hat my Mom knit for next year. She looked like a little Rosta girl running around.
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This is Nila entering her "Birffay Kake" suger coma. She still has not woken up.
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We had some people over for a party on Sunday. Nila and Tabitha greeting the new guests.
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The best birthday present

Jason turned 30 last Thursday and I have to admit I have been at a loss for what to get him to celebrate. But, Nila stole the show and got him the best birthday present ever! As we have shared we are basically ruled by Nila and her whims and since last November we have been all three sharing the same room (yes the poor new baby sleeps all alone in the nursery). We have wanted to get her crib out of our room, but were unsure how to do it. We couldn't do it before the baby was born because all the books advise NO big changes beforehand to mess with her schedule. Then after Jonas was born we were clinging to every minute of sleep and could not even think of how to move her. Also with Jonas waking at night to feed it seemed ideal to be able to change him, feed him, and rock him without having to worry about waking Nila. So now that Jonas is sleeping thru the night we needed to come up with a plan. But honestly we were scared. We are both doing well, but even a little sleep deprevation could throw us off our game. So last week Thursday morning I was still in bed and Jason was getting ready for work when Nila (all by herself) decided to move out. She grabbed her crib and pushed it out of our bedroom and into the nursery all by herself! Wasn't that the best birthday present Jason could get!

Here is a picture of Nila all rigged out for bed. She needs to have all the books we have read to her that night, her baby, a blanket (or four depending on her mood) and any other random thing her little heart desires in order to sleep. In this pic she only has about five books, but if I didn't clean out the crib every morning and after nap she would happily sleep with 20 or more.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

From the Moody Jonas Series (That Sarah does not like)
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Nila does all our shopping now.

She is also washing the car for us.

I have a lot of photos from this weekend that I will try to post this week. I also have some video of Jonas.
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Conversation with Jonas

This vid is probably only entertaining for Grandparents. If you are interested in hearing me talk like a baby then let her play. Jonas moves around A LOT and although it looks like he about rolled off the couch there in the beginning I assure you that I was in complete baby control.

Skip ahead to 1 min 30 sec mark if you want to see him talking to me.

Nila picked out this shirt this morning and wanted to put it on... Then she kept saying BABY BABY BABY. Sarah did not know what she was asking for so she went and found her baby. Nila wanted to wear her baby in her sling just like Sarah Does with Jonas.

Jonas is HUGE. Look at the size of his melon, it is almost as big as Nilas already.

We kept talking about how large he was while my mom was here and she was always scolding us for saying that he was big.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The weather is getting nicer so Nila can play outside more. Sarah was inside and went out to see what was going on after all was quit for awhile. Well she found Nila doing a little drawing* on the house. Sarah prepared a brush and some water so she could clean it right up.

*"drawing" may have been slightly amplified in Photoshop for effect
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Nila drawing.

Well, I am back. I have been trying to remember some funny stories to share, but then I forget before I have a chance to write them down. Really it is a laugh a minute here sometimes. Here are two things that happened last week that tickled me.

Jason and I need to start a list of stupid things you say when you talk with a two year old. Nila has started to throw things down the stairs. Which I am sure to her is really cool to see everything fly down there, but since Jonas sleeps in the bassinet under the stairs we are not happy about this. So, the other day she throws a bunch of books down and my bite plate, which Nila calls "mommy teef" (I need to use this now since I grind my teeth at night and the dentist said they may not last much longer). Anyways, I was upstairs getting Jonas ready to leave when I hear Jason saying "Do not throw books down the stairs and . . . . umm . . . Mommy's teef are not a toy!" Re writing it now it does not sound nearly as funny, but I just broke up with laughter upstairs, I know, not very supportive.

The other thing we need to do is start to remember that Nila understands EVERYTHING we say now. Well, the other day I was looking for my slippers that had been in the bathroom earlier. Jason had kindly picked up all the toys that Nila had moved in and I just shouted out - "Has anyone seen my other slipper?" - really expecting Jason to tell me he had accidently put it in with all the toys. So I was headed to the toy room when I hear Nila run into the bathroom, flip the lid on the trash can and come running out with my slipper. She very kindly handed it to me saying "here you doo"
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nila ready for a night out in her Pony Tails...
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We had dinner with friends tonight and they where celebrating their sons 16th birthday. They had cake and Nila likes cake.
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Sometimes I feel like Nilas personal paparazzi.
{Nila is sporting her hand me down free fake crocs, baby sunglasses and a pink Boa Boa}
Only a two year old could put together a outfit like this.
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Finally we have had some nice weather. The last 3 weeks have been lots and lots of rain mixed with snow. Sunshine makes the whole weekend better. Nila took the opportunity to get some reading in. She loves to get all situated and read books to her babies / stuffed animals.
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Overexposed but still cute.
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Nila is being more and more 2 every day. She is really trying to see where the boundaries are at. Today while upstairs she threw a couple of books down the stairs. I went into our Ut Oh So Sad Love and Logic approach and when she calmed down after her time out she walked back into her bedroom, grabbed two more books, walked over to the stairs, chucked them over the gate and then walked back over and sat back down in her time out spot again. Yet another time in my life when I am standing their thinking one of two things..

1. Small Kids Small Problems Big Kids Big Problems = Ugggg
2. She might be smarter than I am
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Jonas went in for his two month check up about a week ago, he is in the 50% percentile for height and is off the chart for weight (on the plus size) He is a little ham.
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More photos of us looking at Jonas looking at you.
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