Monday, January 28, 2008

Around 3.30am this morning Sarah gave up on "MISSION BABY NOW" and got into bed. No contractions tonight so we are still waiting for the new baby.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sarah has decided that she is done with pregnancy and is going to will the baby out. She has had little contractions for months and months and they have been slowly mounting in intensity. Tonight she has discoveries that she can "walk them off" and is moving around the house in circles. For those of you keeping track at home Tuesday of this week we are 2 weeks away from her official due date so I think that it is safe to say tonight is not the night.

Sarah has gone through her nesting and preparation stage though and we have everything ready to go to the hospital near the back door.

We even have individual "ITS A BOY" and "ITS A GIRL" bags ready with outfits to bring the new baby home.
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There is this mini mall thing in Annecy where we had lunch. The girls decided that they would rather go and do some shopping.

This childrens store has a bubble blowing bear that always has a pack of kids in front of it.

The result of the day out.
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We spent a cold foggy morning out with some friends Saterday. These two loved this thing. I was able to generate gut busting bouts of laughter by bouncing everyone from the middle.
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I was out of town for work so Sarah had Nila plus her pregnacy to herself for one night this week. We have found that stickers work wonders to calm the savage Nila beast. She LOVES stickers.

At dinner Nila thought I was not paying enough attention to her reading so she grabbed my neck and brought her down to her level. This is obviously the best position from which to truly appreciate a good book.
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The hair is getting long again and she REFUSES to wear anything to keep it out of her eyes.

Since last weekend we have had crazy 60° weather here. Here she is pointing out the fact that I have forgotten to remove the sticker from the Apple.
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Last Friday at the end of the vacation one of Nilas friends had a birthday party.

Although it probably lasted about 15 min things got a little out of control there at the end.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some photos from our vacation. I spent most of the week Snowboarding with a friend that was a bit better than I was so we spent a lot of time in the trees, jumping off cliffs, and going through rock gullies. Because of this I chose to leave my big camera back at the apartment for the week. We had lots of great weather through with some fresh powder days and other sunny days. The entire week was great.

We got back to the house Sat morning and have been trying to prepare for the arrival of Baby 2. Sarah and I talked tonight about how she went in to be induced for Nila and if they did the same thing we would be a family of four by next week.

We have been trying to talk to Nila about the second one and don't know how much she understands but I think things are going to be interesting for the next couple of months.

Make sure you vote if you haven't already. Sarah is leaning towards girl again this time. We shall soon see.

Sarah with my board. It was price reduced because it was the year priors model. The guy said that the next years was exactly the same except for the graphics where changed. Sarah thought the change would be worth the extra cash but I decided to go with the monster. I have actually kind of grown attached to it.

Nila stands in front of it and GROWLLLLS. It is really to cute.

Nila with her friend Ava.

I usually pulled Nila around but she also loved to pull the sled.
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On our various excursions out in the sled there was always fun things to see go by.

The ambulance at Avoriaz.

No cars are allowed at the resort and a lot of people get around by horse. They had bells on and Nila loved to watch them go by.

Piston Bully Piste Basher clearing the road. (it is hard to see how close these things actually get to you on the side of the street. Every time I heard one I grabbed the baby and hugged the snow bank)
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Nila has been stopping and staring at this merry go round EVERY time we go past it. We let her have a ride. She kept her "I don't know if I like this or not very serious face" on most of the ride.
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Nila having a hot chocolate with her two friends.
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We had Nila Booked in morning daycare at the resort. I had to pull her up to the top of the resort every morning. She had a great time playing with the toys and other kids. Every day she came home with a little name sticker on her back. In this photo she is trying to trace her feet on her magnadoodle. This thing can kill lots of time. Her favorite magnadoodle pastime is to say something like "Apple" or "Mommy" or "Dog" and have me draw it, she then erases it quickly (Usually laughing) and asks for more.
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

We just got back from a week long vacation up in the mountains. More photos soon.
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nilas view of mommy until the new baby arrives. We are getting close now.

I was working all through Christmas so we are taking next week off for skiing. A couple of other families we know are renting places close to each other. Nila is going into day care in the mornings so Sarah can have some time alone to grow baby 2.
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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Power did this sputter out and die thing tonight and we lived under candle power for awhile. Nila thought it was cool. Sarah is riding this stationary bike next to the computer to give me enough juice to post. *just kidding*
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