Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This is a photo from tonight. Nila was sleeping on the way to the store and I woke her up. When I was unhooking her from her seat she woke up saying " PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY" One would probably say that she was dreaming of Puppies, after all they are her most favorite thing in the entire world. I think it is just a cleaver trick on her part to try and get a puppy for Christmas. Sarah is starting to fall for it but I am no fool. (Plus I keep reminding her of the other little addition we already have on the way in February.)

Click on the photo to see a baby smile of pure joy.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, you look so good! You carry those babies well! I love this photo. That's why shopping is so boring now. It's much more fun with little ones. Thinking of you three...oops four :). Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Team Met,

I am glad that you all are over whatever "bug" invaded your home. Stay healthy and enjoy your Christmas and New Year's.
Mary and Ed

Heather said...

This is an official request from the crew in Arizona to see a picture of Sarah and her beauty while carrying baby #2. Everyone looks like they are enjoying the season. Merry Christmas