Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Off all the photos this is probably the only one I like....

Yea just more and more of this... I have not gotten a good Nila shot in over a Month. Sarah and I also talked the other night about the utter lack of coverage the second baby is getting. So instead of photos I guess I will have to type a bit tonight.

Baby 2 is growing away, s/he is moving around like crazy (more than Nila according to Sarah if that is even possible) and everything is going great. Sarah had a doctors appointment a couple of weeks ago and everything checked out great. We have been working on our name list and have a couple of faves but I think we will be at the hospital with the baby in our arms before we know for sure.

We have been getting a no sleep flashback with Nila the last three weeks. She seems to be going through a separation anxiety stage or something because she still is not sleeping through the night. We have caved under her advanced manipulation skills and allowed her to finish the night with us in bed. This would not be all that bad if she actually slept but she does this thing where she needs to be rubbing my face or arm all night. It is like sleeping with a octopus.

After my mom leaves we are going to need to have a battle of wills and get her back in her crib for the entire night again.

Sarah is having a weekend away with friends this weekend and it is my goal to get some new pictures. I will try harder I promise.

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