Sunday, November 18, 2007

This is our happy happy baby at 10pm at night in the doctors office waiting room. They have these night pediatricians over here so we called and made an apointment after Nila just kept getting worse. So she is usually in bed by 7pm but after a small power nap and being put into a room full of cool toys she transformed from sick baby into LETS ROCK baby. Sarah and I are both exhausted after not getting full nights sleep for awhile and just watching her in amazement. The next day we both reveled that we where thinking the same thing.

We made this night appointment for our baby who we say is sick, then get to the doctor and she is running around laughing having a great time.

Well the doctor checked her out and gave us a list of prescriptions to fill. Her fever got up to 103°F (38°C) at one point. She is still coughing a lot today but her fever was below 101°F tonight and we hope that she will be back on the top of the world tomorrow.
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